Thursday, May 11, 2017

Succulent Love

Succulents are all the rage right now. They are easy plants to maintain and add a fun pop of color throughout your home. But, if you're like me, I prefer even my succulents to be fake! I've rounded up some fun succulent finds for you!

Clockwise from left:

- How fun are these sandals?? I imagine them with a plain black sundress and some hot pink tassel earrings! Oh, and I'd be sitting on a patio with a drink and some chips and salsa.

- These little succulents have great reviews and would add just the right pop of green to any room!

- LOVE this sign! Unfortunately, this is not true in my case. I can even kill succulents! #fakesucculentsforlife

- Y'all, these slides!! How freakin' cute??!

- This succulent print on Etsy starts at just $5. Frame it in a gold frame and give it as a housewarming gift, or hang it up for yourself to enjoy!

- Hanging succulents...yes please! 

- You get both of these adorable ceramic planters for only $10. Again, pot a cute succulent, print out that print from Etsy, and you've got the perfect little gift for any occasion! 

- I feel like this cactus would be in the 'popular' group at school. So sleek and cool. 

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

WIWW: Olive Dress + Link Up

This is a glorified nightgown and I'm not even ashamed about it. Only being (almost!) 5'3", I've never worn dresses that hit me mid-calf...until I tried this one on!

It does come with a tie around the waist, but I'm not a fan of belting my dresses because, again, I have no torso and I'm 5'3".

The lace detail on this dress is a touch that I normally wouldn't be drawn towards, but I love it. I wore this out to a graduation party Saturday night and got so many compliments!

I guess everyone is a fan of nightgowns :)

Happy Wednesday and thanks for linking up!

Monday, May 8, 2017

Whole 30 || Menu Week 1

Hello, friends! We had a great weekend and this week my kiddos take our state assessment, so prayers appreciated. Also, thanks for all the sweet comments and prayers about my Mimi's passing. My family truly appreciates it!

Now, let's get down to this Whole 30 talk. I need preface this again by saying that I am not doing it 100%. Maybe I should just call it Paleo 30? Or eating healthier 30? My doctor wants me to be taking a probiotic each morning which contains ingredients that are not Whole 30 approved. I also refuse to give up my coffee creamer at this point (read above: state assessments). And, honestly, I am wanting this to be more of a lifestyle change and not just a 30 day fix where I get to the end and want to binge on all the ice cream in the whole world!

Here was my menu for the week:

Breakfast - 2 egg muffins with salsa

Lunch - grilled chicken with quinoa and kale (quinoa is not Whole 30 approved) 

Dinner - zucchini lasagna (contained a very small amount of ricotta cheese)

Breakfast - egg muffin with salsa

Lunch - zucchini lasagna

Dinner - sheet pan chicken and veggies (seriously make this!!)

Breakfast - egg muffins with salsa

Lunch - zucchini lasagna 

Dinner - eggs and bacon

Breakfast - egg muffin with salsa

Lunch - chopped BBQ pork

Dinner - grilled chicken with bacon, salsa, and avocado

Breakfast - scrambled eggs with breakfast sausage 

Lunch - grilled chicken with quinoa 

Dinner - steak, sweet potato, grilled zucchini and squash 

apple with almond butter

Y'all, I've never ate this much grilled chicken in my life. And, I still think it is gross. Gimme all the friend chicken! 

This next week I am trying to be even more strict. The Sunday before I started I made a huge pan of the zucchini lasagna that contained a very small amount of ricotta cheese. It is still a really healthy meal, so I didn't want to not eat on it all week just because of the cheese. The quinoa was a random purchase at Sprouts. I was lacking in lunch ideas and was in a crunch for time and this option turned out to be something I actually could stand day after day. 

Over the weekend I cheated with a margarita (not worth it) and salmon with asparagus drizzled with balsamic vinaigrette. I ordered the healthiest thing on the menu and didn't interrogate the waiter just to alter it to be Whole 30 approved. It was delicious and I felt good about my selection. Again, I am trying to make this a lifestyle change and not a 30 day fix.

I hope this helps some of you who are looking for meal ideas. I've gotten over trying to enjoy my food and, instead, I'm in the mindset to eat for nourishment. I'm hoping when I have more time this summer I can find better recipes to try!
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